Omega Fleet's Timeline

This timeline includes history from Gamma Fleet, a former organization where many of the writers, characters, and even sims were once part.

SD2379-2406: After the fundamental drains of the Dominion War and various occurrences with other major powers, including the Borg, the Federation enjoys a period of relative quiet and prosperity. It uses the status quo to rebuilt, recruit and formalise the exploration of its more remote territories. Various technological refinements, including new classes of starship, join a reform of the Academy and of fleet organisation and logistics.

SD240601.18: Launch of Gamma Fleet, which contained variously Miramar, SB Aurora, USS Cortez, Trilista Colony, Caly/BoB, Artemis, SB Raven (fleet), Destiny and Dacia Colony.

SD240606.06: In an effort to stop a cataclysmic temporal event for the Artaan system, Commodore Stanton sends the USS Cortez on autodestruct into the Artaanian portal to destroy it. Both ship and portal are successfully destroyed.

SD240609.27: The USS Artemis, a new experimental Border Patrol vessel, is commissioned and put under the command of Captain Taliano.

SD240610.03: RAdm Sadie Marie Stanton takes over as GFCO. USS Guardian takes damage near Starbase Raven, several crew members lost, including the CO, Captain Sarah Deco.

SD240701.13: An team led by Commander Tucker (GF Tactical Advisor) is sent by SF Command to inspect the USS Artemis.

SD240705.09: USS Artemis makes contact with Dysal Colony, the first independent Borg colony in Gamma Fleet space, and agrees to assist the colony in building as well as with (thus far minor) anti-Borg terrorist concerns.

SD240801.13: Now a Captain, Grey McArnh takes the GF Intel Advisor role and marries his long-time partner Adevian Brey in a private ceremony on Starbase Aurora.

SD240805.28: Captain Desiree Taliano's shuttle arrives for her conference in Epsilon Fleet without her, and shortly thereafter the USS Artemis receives a transmission allegedly proclaiming her defection to the Romulan Star Empire. The crew sets to work to try and get to the bottom of the situation.

SD240806.29: Following the abduction of Captain Taliano, who under coercion professes to have been a Romulan spy throughout her career, the Artemis makes its final attempt to rescue her from a fortified Romulan separatist base. The attempt ends in success and it is revealed that Taliano's professions of treachery were a result of Romulan mind control. The Artemis collects all available intelligence and sets course for SB-290.

SD240807.01: Commander Felix de l'Isle, XO of the USS Artemis, is promoted to Captain in anticipation of his first command: the notorious USS Lone Star, now on its 20th incarnation. The simulation launches on this day.

SD240904.12: A faction of xenophobic human supremacists calling themselves ‘Federation First’ begins an uprising, infiltrating senior Starfleet positions and recruiting sympathisers. Core strategic points are declared for them, derailing the organisation into the Federation Civil War. Arbitrary incarceration and execution of non-human fleet officers, and even some humans, begins. The Klingons and Vulcans attempt to broker peace while the Vanguard tries to protect the core of the Federation with military force. The Keraxi lead a number of smaller species to suspend Federation membership in 2409, withdrawing all commissions from its personnel in Starfleet. Klingon territory becomes a safe-house for political asylum.

SD241311.16: The USS Artemis disappears from its last known position, heading towards Sal’kiir to render assistance to the USS Sentinel, which is under attack by Federation First operatives. Despite thorough investigation, no information is forthcoming and she is presumed lost with all hands.

SD241409.02: The fascist uprising within Starfleet and the Federation is finally quelled. Some species return to their membership, while others, burned by the experience, wait to ensure that the radical element has been fully removed from the organisation. In some cases an amnesty is implemented, although JAG and criminal facilities now have their work cut out for them.

SD241608.13: The Keraxi government reactivates Federation membership after a long diplomatic spell by ambassador Grey McArnh, whose rank as Admiral is then restored. He spends much of the year brokering a peace accord with the Achecarians. When Adevian McArnh-Brey is assassinated on Starbase 54, on SD241608.13, he becomes the first of his species to experience onset telepathic development. He convalesces on Achecar Prime.

SD241706.21: Starfleet begins a strategic operational reassessment of its fleet distribution, taking into account its lack of resource and decimated pool of personnel. Within eighteen months, various task forces will be dismantled, fleet boundaries redrawn and new structures put in place. Omega Fleet will be once such group.

SD241710.02: Out of the blue the USS Artemis reappears at a point near the Carter Array. A crew is assembled under Captain Brynhild Kleim to investigate and retake the empty ship.

SD241807.03: Omega Fleet launches. The fleet itself and the USS Artemis will now operate out of Kincardine Station, which is starting to equip after physical construction. Fleet-level personnel begin to relocate to their new headquarters. Listening posts, freight corridors and border hotspots are identified and incorporated into patrols.