USS Artemis

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USS Artemis This article relates to the USS Artemis sim. More recent information can be found at the USS Artemis sim.
USS Artemis
USS Artemis, NCC-68241
Class: Akira-II-class
Registry: NCC-68241
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Dedication: "The true test is in the trying, for it is in the trying that we find strength." -- Unknown
Plaque: ArtemisPlaque.gif
Ship history
Commanding officer: Brynhild Kleim
Built: 2406
Status: Active (2418)
Technical specifications
Length: 557.3 m
Height: 104.9 m
Mass: 326,500 metric tonnes
Decks: 22
  • Officers: 167
  • Enlisted crew: 356
  • Marines: 41
Warp speed:
  • Warp 7.16 (cruise)
  • Warp 9.17 (maximum)
  • Warp 9.64 (emergency; 36 hours sustained)