Out-of-Character History

Omega Fleet was created in the summer of 2018 as a simming organization to adhere to certain ideals and goals. It’s founded on the goals of healthy fleet-to-sim communication and support, diversity and flexibility in simming styles, and strong storytelling.

In-Character Notes

As some of the originating sims and characters came out of another organization, some of the timeline and world-building information for Omega Fleet aligns with that. We will detail some of it here and some of it on the upcoming Wiki for ease of writing.

The year is 2418. (For comparison, the Dominion War happened from 2373 to 2375.)

Omega Fleet follows the canon of the television series and movies, although not the “reboot” Star Trek movies or Star Trek: Discovery. We also follow player-created canon for the time between the end of Voyager and our current simming timeline.

Omega Fleet is an online roleplaying community devoted to the Star Trek media franchise originally created by Gene Roddenberry. We are a non-commercial site and are not affiliated in any way with CBS Corporation, CBS Televisions Studios, Paramount Pictures, or Viacom.