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What is this all about? What is simming?

Omega Fleet is a collection of sims, which is short for simulations. Each one is its own collaborative storytelling group set in the fandom of Star Trek, and tied together by the story behind Omega Fleet.

What do I need to know about writing here?

Each sim has its own policies and rules, but basic facts would be that logs are written in English--though English doesn't have to be your first language to join--and they are written in Third Person/Past Tense.

Do I need to be a walking Star Trek encyclopedia?

Certainly not! None of us are. We're just a bunch of fun-loving individuals who like to write stories. You can pick stuff up along the way, learn as you play, and simply use techno-babble where you're not sure. If in doubt? Ask. Command for both the fleet and your sim is here to help. (The Star Trek Wiki 'Memory Alpha' is also highly recommended.) The main point is to have fun, of course, and not to worry about your Trek knowledge, so there are always people and resources available to help and make things as easy as possible.

What canon does Omega Fleet follow?

Generally speaking, Omega Fleet follows the canon as established in the Star Trek TOS and TNG movies, as well as TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. We do not follow events established in the novels. Discovery is included in history more according to each sim rather than official Fleet determination at this time. We also follow player-created canon from the time of VOY onward.

What is the In Game year?

The year is 2419. (The real life year plus 400.) For comparison and reference, the Dominion War happened between 2373 and 2375.


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