The Omega Fleet website graphics and coding is from: (

Images of the Valkyrie-III Fighter Craft: "This warp fighter was designed by Andrew Gillespie. My 3D model version was a commissioning by Omardex ( It was made in Cinema 4D and the compatibility with Sketchfab was done by Omardex. Anyone who want to use the model must give due credit to Andrew Gillespie & GK Designs for the original design, and to Auctor Lucan & Omardex for the model itself."

Images of the Hornet and Vanguard Fighter Craft: These were created in Daz3D with models purchased from Daz3D, alterations made by Omega Fleet Command.

Images of the Akira-class Starship: Downloaded from and altered in Daz3D by Omega Fleet Command.

Any other graphics courtesy of Omega Fleet Command.

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